Friday, August 19, 2011

My Account Deleted?

Why was my account deleted? Did I lose my earnings?

Recently, I've seen posts from people that had their accounts deleted -- so they made new accounts, and are now crying about how their earnings disappeared.

If your account was recently deleted, and you find yourself starting from the beginning, with zero in your FanBox bank, zero friends and zero fans -- and your blogs are all gone - WITHOUT WARNING - here's why:

1) Were you in any way "marketing" any "Get rich quick" or money-making sites or schemes?
 FanBox members don't appreciate spam, and love to see you gone and your earnings returned to the pool for bloggers to enjoy.

2) Did you tag people in photos -- when those people were not actually in the photos?
 You thought you were so clever and original, when you thought you were getting away with it, didn't you?

3) Did you load nude photos -- or shirtless photos of children?
 You should be ashamed of yourself.

4) Are you under the age of 18?
 Sorry, we cannot legally have you here.

5) Are you attempting to "game the system"? IE: Are you attempting to defraud other bloggers and the earnings pool via unethical approaches?
  If so, even though you're probably not understanding that your attempts to cheat the system DO NOT WORK, we delete your account anyway. Read the Terms and Conditions. The FanBox community doesn't like dishonest people; even ignorant ones.

6) Did you do any of the above from a different FanBox account?
 FanBox can tell when you create multiple accounts -- and quietly connects them all together without you knowing -- so all your "clean" accounts are also marked for future deletion.

If you answered YES to any of the above, your account has been deleted, or -- trust me -- it will be (without warning).

Accounts flagged for deletion can take days, weeks or even months to be deleted -- to maximize the frustration of offenders -- and send them back to MySpace where they belong. So don't act surprised when your account suddenly disappears.

If you have done any of the above, is there anything you can do to not be deleted?
 The only hope for your account is to stop doing those things immediately; untag all photos; delete all Money-Making spam, and let me know by leaving a comment below. I won't promise that I will unmark your account, but I might if you seem sincere.  Don't send me a personal message, because I won't respond.

Thanks for your support in keeping FanBox a fun and rewarding community. And to those amazing FanBoxers who are here for the right reasons, have kept it positive and are spreading the love - you know who you are - I am truly sorry that you read this little bit of housekeeping.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Are people copying your posts?

Are people copying your posts?
I am noticing - and hearing from you - that more and more of your posts are being outright copied and pasted by others - with no regards to who their rightful owner is -- and with no credit being offered to you as the original author.

Two questions:

1) How does this make you feel? Do you feel violated? Or do you feel flattered? Something in between? 

2) What should we do about it - if at all?

If you don't feel like it's a big deal in the grand scheme of things RIGHT NOW, then we're good to go and case closed (for now)! But if you feel like this is one of the most important issues that is timely and needs to be addressed soon, there could be many different ways of addressing it: Policy (rules), technical and other.
 Please share your thoughts so together we can all decide where to go.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cash out

What does it take to...
Cash out?

This article is written by JOHNNY CASH From Fanbox

There are 2 THINGS you need to know about Cashing Out:

1) When you cash out, a bank check is sent to you. FanBox charges ZERO (nada, zilch, nothing) for processing your request and sending your check to you -- all they ask is that you ask for AT LEAST $25 U.S. Dollars.
That means that you're not allowed to ask for a $1 check every morning when you wake up and suddenly realize that you need some money for your morning coffee! (Hey, don't laugh, this used to happen a lot).

2) Your earnings need to mature for 60 days (after the month you earned them) before you cash them out. For example, if you earn $100 in January, you can cash out that $100 on March 30.

----> Do you want to cash out sooner?
If you sign up for Blogger VIP, you can cash out 30 days earlier than that! (VIPs can cash out only 30 days after the month you earned it in).
Blogger VIP costs only $2.99 per month and (along with cashing out sooner) you get $10 in free Ads; a 25% bonus of free Ads with each Ad purchase; quick access to special VIP customer service 7 days a week; and market intelligence and statistics that help you increase your earnings.

Oh, one more thing: You can immediately use your earnings to create even more earnings -- with FanBox Ads -- at any time, with no waiting or maturation period. Earned it yesterday? Invest it in Ads today!
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Who's Cashing Out?

Who's Cashing Out?
Hey everyone -- I love hearing that you cashed out!
So using this post, let me know when you cash out -- and who will you help with your money (including yourself)!
Every day I will show you more people that have cashed out - after I verify their authenticity.
So CHECK BACK DAILY to read more comments from other FanBoxers that have cashed out.

The following people have cashed out:

Annette Bantila 

mta Pat 

ezral zai

Kamalasekaran K
I never thought my blog would bring this much to me. I will post many blogs hereafter. Thank you Fanbox

noaman ishfaq
i love fanbox because u can easily earn money from it

mousa elzayyat
this is an amazing site to make money
I will devote the amounts taken from this site for my little brother
I urge all people to join this social networking site ...
thanks to all members of Fanbox

Dream boy
I want to be a self dependent person.
As a student,it's a great source of income.
So I love Fanbox.

Viola Pressley
I will start donating some of my money to the "Lakota Children" and "St. Joseph's Indian School.

Haya Estigoy
The money will be used for my sister's education. This would be a great help for sure. Thank you.

Yasir Iqbal
Hi friends its true! The Fanbox cash out process is done when u achieve the desire amount and when the time limit complete so don't be upset -- i am a person who has cashed out from there (FANBOX)

Munawar Iqbal
First of all thanks a lot for providing this unique money making site with social connections and it is too good for my income support thats why i love FANBOX and i would request from all users to keep it up and try to make more and more using live fanbox ads” 

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Using FanBox Ads

This article is written by Johnny Cash from
Increasing your revenues by:
Using FanBox Ads

It's now a proven fact that the award-winning FanBox Ads are one of the best ways to bring visitors to your blogs!

In other words, FanBox Ads REALLY WORK!


FanBox Ads were built, from the ground up, to promote your blogs -- hyper-optimized to ensure that your Ads:

1) Are targeted to users that are interested in your blogs' topics

2) Are only provided to FanBox bloggers -- never sold to non-bloggers

3) Are provided to you at the very best price -- automatically decreasing their price (and giving you more ad impressions) often on a daily basis.

4) Can be purchased using credit cards -- and even better -- your blog earnings (before or after your earnings mature).

That's right -- for your convenience, you can spend your blog earnings instantly on FanBox Ads to accelerate your earnings!

So, be sure to try FanBox Ads (if you haven't already) and see for yourself if it's true that 90% of advertisers achieve earnings using FanBox Ads!

FanBox help

I heard about Fanbox a lot and also studied it a lot that this site is a social site within a source of income, and then I decided to be a member of Fanbox. There is my friend named shehreyar 10 who guided me completely to work in this site. I am really thankful to his sincerity that able me to work at here.

Now friends I am going to reveal some secrets of Fanbox which will help you to work here properly. Although it is my first blog but it will be prove very beneficial for my readers. Here I am going to tell you some tips for bloging in Fanbox.
·       Chose an attractive topic to write on such as friendship, health tips, sports etc.

·       Invite your friends and fans to write your blog in facebook, twitter, myspace, dig etc.
Note: The best way to catch traffic to your blog is the ad system of Fanbox. Whenever you create a blog, the automatic system of Fanbox asks you to create an ad.
·       Try to write on unique topic with unique contents. One can take help from “Need Idea” as showed in picture.
·       Use an attractive picture related your topic.
·       After creating your post give a suitable title to your post.
·       Most important: Don’t forget to give some tags for your post because it is the most important thing for the traffic of your blog.
·       It is allowed to copy, paste the contents from a website there is no restriction in Fanbox but it is useful to you that you always write on a unique idea.
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